Boston Marathon , Community, and the IHP

Apr 18, 2013

Community is where people come together to value each other, to find their identity in being part of something bigger than themselves, working together for the common good.

What a week this has been.   Marathon, Exploding bombs.  Dead and Injured.  First responders.  Uninterrupted perseverative news coverage.   Anger.  Sadness.  Confusion.   Our eyes turned to the hospitals.  All of us in our community were proud and impressed by our colleagues at Mass General and the Brigham, Tufts, and Boston Medical Center.   We appreciated the efforts of members of our professions who were there in the Emergency Departments, the Operating Rooms, and the ICUs.     Many of these individuals are alumni of the Institute.  We appreciated our phenomenal MGH Security Officers who assure safety on our campus and in the Navy Yard, as well as in the hospital.    We were stunned by the stories of courage from the police, EMS, and fire personnel and especially by individuals who were volunteering to help. Some were just standing by to watch the race and others have donated blood and some have donated money.  It makes for the elements of a remarkable drama.

 Three individuals--Kate, Joanna, and Margaret--represented the IHP in the marathon.  They trained for months, raised money, and enthusiastically entered the race.  They did this for all of us in the IHP community and it reflects their commitment to the community.  Is there anything more worthwhile or more generous than raising money for the PT Center and the Speech and Language Center?   These centers, which provide services at no charge, extend the Institutes' "footprint" into the community in ways that help people move, function, independently and communicate.   These individuals have finished  their 26 mile ordeal with such grace and they are all safe!  Last Sunday, President Bellack hosted a brunch for the runners and their families to celebrate their generosity.    Much of the money raised by the runners came from the IHP faculty, staff, and leadership.   We are grateful for the generosity and even more grateful that our runners were safe.

This morning I watched  my television to view the interdenominational service in memory of those killed this past Monday during the marathon and in honor of those who are injured and their families.   The service was inspiring and touching.  Words from the President, Governor, and the Mayor were so personal, so kind, and so respectful (and so non-political).  They brought us to focus on Boston -the community.  The quote that starts this blog comes from Cardinal Sean O'Malley in his remarks from this ceremony.  I found them to be striking to me and to speak to what it is that I believe about the Institute.   These words brought me up short. because they accurately capture what we strive for at the Institute---to be a transformative community.    I hope that every one of us--students, faculty and staff--can see the IHP as our community of education, respect, and inclusion.  


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