Attempting to Reciprocate

Jun 8, 2013

2013/06/07 ( South African entry of the date). One of the ways we’re attempting to thank our hosts for their kindness in allowing us to observe care in their clinics and medical units is to help them with the transfer of paper-based  information on their TB register to an electronic  record.  This will be forwarded to the national Department of Health for TB reporting.  The inability of various databases to communicate is one familiar to us in the U.S.  Indeed the V.A. has this very problem in attempting to access the records of servicemen so they can be eligible for care.  The catch-up effort is where an additional hand can be useful.  Inputting the data is also a learning experience in that the type of treatment and response constitute some of the data needing to be entered.  The picture captures two of our team engaged in this process. Two of our Hopkins colleagues are shown as well catching up with filing of lab reports. Every little bit helps. Written by Inge Corless

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