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Sep 12, 2013

As a student or professional, one thing is clear these days; you need to make your life as efficient as possible. With all this technology, comes the extra pressures of always being available to connect with friends and family, and stay up to date on topics of interest. Did you know there is a Boston mayoral election in a couple of months? You should, it is an important race and affects the Health Professions. Here are some applications, tips, and tricks to keep you organized and give you more time to enjoy the finer things in life. Applications that simplify your life. Flipboard. Have you heard of this AMAZING application that aggregates all your favorite news, magazines, and social networks into a cool touch flipboard that allows you to navigate back and forth with a swipe of your finger? If you haven't, I encourage you to check it out. This application is not only beautiful in the way it displays your favorite media, it saves you time by compiling all of your reading and social networks in one place for you to conveniently and quickly sift through. Readability. Readability does exactly what it promises to do. It makes any webpage on the internet readable and let's you compile reading lists for later via your online account. There are some great publications and information on the internet, but many are littered with advertisements and can be bogged down with formatting issues. At the click of a button, Readability condenses the information you want to read, into a slick layout giving your eyes a break and letting you focus on what you want; the information. Podcasts. Podcasts can be forgotten, but they are a great alternative to listening to live radio programs and getting the latest news in an audio format on the go. Love NPR? You have the option of subscribing to daily or weekly podcasts, which will be delivered automatically on your iPhone. Tips & Tricks for Social Media. Twitter. Twitter is not just for tweeting about your dinner. One of the greatest assets of this social media platform is curating lists of followers based on topics of interest. Just click on your profile and add a lists based on topics or influencers you would like to follow. These lists can be public or private. Remember when setting to public, they are easily searchable and are associated with your profile. Once you have your lists set up, it's a matter of spending a few minutes a day reading through the latest posts on all the information you want. Keep in mind most schools, journals, and conference organizers will have twitter accounts and you will get the latest information on Twitter. Google+. Let's face it, Google+ has not been the most intuitive or useful product. I think most of us can agree on that, but the most recent update to the platform does give you a beautiful layout to read updates from your latest publications. Create circles based on topics you are interested in learning more about or people you want to follow for the most recent information. Once you've created your circles, you can monitor the most up to date information by a quick click and the layout of each post displays vividly, complete with animation.

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