2017 DR Mission Trip Day 2-Preparing Supplies 1/7/2017

Jan 12, 2017

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Today started with a late breakfast. Fresh pineapple and papaya were served along with bacon and cinnamon oatmeal. Everyone came into breakfast with droopy eyes and most hit up the coffee station before anything else. Afterwards though, we prepared to start our first official day!
Today's goal was to sort through medical supplies that we would need for the week. The onsite supply room was stripped bare and re–organized. Numerous tables were set up to accommodate a supply line of students who divided medications up into mini zip-loc bags.
Everyone worked hard and felt a strong sense of accomplishment. It was exciting acclimating to the new setting and beginning to work as a team.
Dinner came before we knew it and a few of the group snuck away for an afternoon siesta beforehand. Dinner consisted of roasted chicken, rice with vegetables and mild conversation intermixed with moments of exhaustion from the day’s work and eagerness to see more of La Romana.
Later in the evening, everyone took a walk down to the local ‘Jumbo’ to get a few personal supplies and the all important ice cream from ‘Bon’.
Breakfast will be 8:00 am on Sunday.

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