2017 Dominican Republic Mission Trip: 1/6/17 Departure from Logan Airport

Jan 9, 2017

IMG_1173 1/6/17 Arrived at Logan Airport at 7:00 pm. Terminal C JetBlue. Mertie and Fred Potter and Sarah Smoller were quickly spotted. Our group began to gather. There are 20 of us total. We found a scale and weighed our bags. 50lbs max….nothing more allowed. Overweight suitcases were offloaded in search of a waiting underweight partner. Bags checked. Quick dinner for all and off to gate C34. Fred hung a small green background and took headshots of all. Quick group photo and onto the plane. Flight departed 10:05 pm, leaving frosty Beantown for heavenly humid Santo Domingo. Arrived Santo Domingo 3:15 am after a some what turbulent flight. Zipped through customs thanks to Margie and her experience. Onto school bus….after loading approx 50 bags into back. 1.5 hr drive to La Romana-Good Samaritan facility. Everyone was happy to get to bed except for the rooster outside our window at 5 am! IMG_1159 Mertie Potter and her husband/trip photographer, Fred IMG_1160 Dillon, Tram, Shivani, Julie and Roberta IMG_1162 Dillon IMG_1164 Krista and Kelli IMG_1165 Julie, Jess, Mariel IMG_1166 Sara and Roberta IMG_1167 Phong IMG_1168 Munirat IMG_1169 Christina IMG_1170 Mertie giving pre game speech. IMG_1175 Rick IMG_1176 Muni Cast of characters: Faculty List: Mertie Potter Sara Smoller Fred Potter (Mertie's husband and photographer/videographer) Margie Nickerson (liaison with GSMC) Student list: Munirat Adebimpe Nadia Carter Kelli Devitte McKee Rick Hedstrom Jessica Labelle Phoung Luu Caitlin Mulligan Christina Palmieri Shivani Patel Kaitlin Picard Krista Scorsune Julie Sun Tram Tran Roberta Villani Mariel White Dillon Young  

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