“Top Ten” things we’ll miss when we leave Lesotho

Jun 15, 2015

Ok, maybe it's a few more... 1. The cordiality of our hosts at Maluti Adventist College. 2. Being asked whether we slept well. 3. Being asked whether we’re warm and having our hosts find additional heaters for us.

Our precious paraffin heater Our precious paraffin heater


4. The wonderful vegetarian meals cooked for us by the Cafeteria Ladies.

The team enjoys the breakfast smorgasbord The team enjoys the breakfast smorgasbord.


5. Their kindness to us when we requested essential bathroom supplies. 6. The beautiful voices of the church choir and the churchgoers as they sang their hymns. 7. The kindness of the church attendees who shared their prayer books with us. 8. The beautiful scenery all around us.

Maluti Mountains after a storm Maluti Mountains after a storm


9. Seeing the moon and the sun early in the morning. 10. Seeing the stars at night.

Dusk in Mapoteng Dusk in Mapoteng


11. Never quite knowing what surprises the day would bring. 12. The children, their smiles and their antics. 13. Practicing some basic words in Sesotho. 14. And learning all the different ways to wear a blanket fashionably.

Basotho ladies dancing Basotho ladies dancing


Oh, and here's another sunset for good measure:

Sunset on the way back from the Pitseng Health Clinic. Sunset on the way back from the Pitseng Health Clinic.



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