Swazi Scholars 2012


Welcome to the Swazi Scholars 2012 Blog. This is a blog by students, newly minted graduates, and a faculty member from the MGH Institute of Health Professions School of Nursing who are in Swaziland, Africa, as part of an Institute academic course that includes an international experience.

The 2012 Swazi Scholars will be joining colleagues from the Goldfarb School of Nursing and the St. Louis School of Pharmacy in this Swaziland adventure. Please log in and join us on this adventure.

Inge Corless

May 31, 2012

Braai Photo

One last photo from Swazi. Here we are with some of the Wellness Center staff at the braai (BBQ) we had with them last night, wearing their lovely gifts to us. These cloths with the King's picture are worn by many women in Swaziland. Thanks for following our travels!
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May 30, 2012

Back to work...

This is our final week in Swaziland, with that being said we have been trying to get as many things done as possible which has left us with not as much down time. Yesterday, Tuesday, our journey through Swaziland health lead us on may roads. Collectively we visited the community, labor and delivery, and a psychiatric hospital, attended a lecture, and entertained a special guest. In the morning a few students sat in on a lecture on Asthma, lead by one of the hospitals Pediatricians. The presentation was reported to be thorough, as it included the epidemiology internationally, triggers,...
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May 27, 2012

South African Safari Weekend

Hello readers! We have returned from an amazing weekend in South Africa. Please forgive my heavy use of superlatives in this post as we saw all kinds of things that can only be described as awesome. After a challenging week in Swazi we were all excited to head to Kwazulu-Natal, the northeastern province of South Africa. Friday afternoon we embarked on the 4.5 hr trip, driving southeast from Mbabane, down along the Swazi/Mozambique border and into South Africa. This area of the country is appropriately called the lowveld and is beautiful countryside with many small, traditional rural villages...
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May 25, 2012

Halfway point

Hard to believe that we've been here a full week already! Midway through, and a routine has been established. Two more Swazi scholars (Inge and I) had the chance to go on outreach work with Choto, this time to the government hospital in Mbabane. At RFM, Ali and Martha worked in Casualty, and Aisha and Patty spent time on the Pediatric ward. Our pharmacology peers Belma, Katie, and Ken continued with their meetings working on a Pharmacology Assistant curriculum for a local school, and also spent some time rounding in Peds. When we ate at eDeladleni Restaurant earlier this week, we were deeply...
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May 24, 2012

The Adventure Continues!

Today we were greeted by the warm African sun. The past two days have been chilly; even for those of us from New England! On our third day working along side the nurses in Raleigh Fitkin Memorial (RFM), we were split into groups: Alex and Martha spent the day in casualty or the Emergency Department, Inge and I were on the Womens Medical Ward and Aisha and Ali went with Choto to the Mankayane Government Hospital. We are all becoming increasingly more comfortable on the floors, acquainted with the staff, and feel helpful in our supportive roles. We find our time spent there both enriching and...
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May 23, 2012

Photos, finally!

It took us a while, but we finally figured out how to successfully upload photos from Swaziland! Here are a few from early in our trip (in reverse chronological order). We'll try to keep them coming. Dinner on 5/20 at eDladleni, where we ate family style authentic Swazi food! From L to R: Belma, Aisha, Martha, Ken, Dr. Mallinson, Inge, Patty, Katie, Ali (Alex took the photo). With our tour guide at the top of the mountain we climbed down (and then back up) to view the Bushman drawings. L to R: Aisha, Alex, Zintle, Martha, Ali, Patty. [caption id="attachment_106" align="alignnone" width="300"...
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May 23, 2012

Wellness Center for Health Workers

The Wellness Center for Health Workers (WCFHW) is a nurse run clinic in Manzini that was started in September of 2006 by Masitsela Mhlanga and Muzi Dlamini (current director). Two members of our group will be working with the clinic most days we are here. The clinic aims to provide care every year for approximately 2,000 of the 5,000 health care workers (HCW) in the Kindgom of Swaziland. Each HCW is allowed to enroll up to four other people for free health care. They are encouraged to choose dependents or other family members, those whose illness would directly negatively impact them. The...
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May 21, 2012

And so it begins...

Today we began our journey into the world of nursing in Swaziland. We haven’t officially introduced our group, so I’ll do that first. As you know, Professor Inge Corless is here with us and her knowledge and experience is proving invaluable. There are five students from the IHP Direct Entry Nursing program: Aisha has graduated with a concentration in Adult/Women’s Health; Patty and Alex both walked at graduation but have a few more credits to complete this summer before receiving their degrees in Adult/Gerontology and Adult/Women’s Health, respectively; and Martha and I are rising third year...
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May 20, 2012

A Taste of Swaziland

Our past two days have been filled with a taste of Swaziland both literally and figuratively. As mentioned yesterday, we hiked down a mountain to see the Bushman paintings. Bushman paintings were created over 4000 years ago, preserved under the shelter of cave rocks. The stories of the paintings and their interpretations were shared with us by our guide. The guides for this tour live in the rural community surrounding the mountain and are trained by the local council to protect and share the history of the Bushman. Today we traveled through the area of Ezulwini valley. The rural area was...
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May 17, 2012

At Logan

Forty-five minutes to takeoff and we're all here!! We're excited and so happy you'll be following us on this blog. It will be tomorrow AM when we next check-in at the earliest. That's Boston time. It will be late afternoon in Swaziland and we'll likely be excited but exhausted. Inge
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