Ann W. Caldwell President's Lecture: Interprofessional Rounds: Prior Years

The Ann W. Caldwell President’s Lecture: Interprofessional Rounds is an annual event in which second-year students in the entry-level graduate programs come together to hear successful examples of how clinical teams collaborate to provide patient-centered care. Named after the MGH Institute’s fourth president (1997–2007), the lecture is intended to reinforce the school’s mission  to prepare health professionals to advance care for a diverse society.


The theme of the 2018 Rounds was "Compassionate Care for the Patient with Opioid Dependency." The speakers were: Dean Lemire, Assistant Project Director, Harbor Homes, Inc., Jason Lucey, Assistant Professor of Nursing, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Sarah Mackin, Program Manager AHOPE Boston Needle Exchange, and Stephen Wright, AHOPE community health worker. Watch the video.


The theme of the 2017 Rounds was "Caring for Our Muslim Patients." Heba Abolaban, MD, MPH, Ahmad Al-Moujahed, MD, and Robert P. Marlin, MD, PhD, MPH, presented. Watch video.


The Massachusetts chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness presented "In Our Own Voice." Watch video.


Investigative reporter and Alzheimer's patient Greg O’Brien and members of his clinical team, family members, and Institute alumni offered a patient’s point of view of how the health professions work together to provide optimal care to a person with dementia in "The Journey of a Patient with Dementia, His Family, and Team of Clinicians." Watch video.


Boston Marathon bombing survivor Heather Abbott, along with members of her team of caregivers from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, presented “Healing Trauma: Interprofessional Care of a Boston Marathon Bombing Victim.” Watch video.


Kristian Olson, MD, MPH, DTM&H, Medical Director, Consortium for Affordable Medical Technology (CAMTech), and Brett Nelson, MD, MPH, Pediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, discussed "Co-Creation: Health Care Problem Solving in Low-Resource Settings." Watch video.