Tuition and Fee Payment Information

Non-Degree Students

All Non-Degree students must pay in full when they register. See payment options below.

Matriculated Students (Includes all Degree and Certificate of Advanced Study Programs)

A student is considered officially registered only when semester charges are paid in full. Tuition and fee charges are computed on the basis of registered credit hours. Bills are sent in June for the fall semester, in November for the spring semester, and April for the summer semester to all students who have registered for classes.

Each student must pay all charges in full by the due date indicated on the initial bill to avoid late charges or cancellation of registration and financial aid. Students who register late are expected to make payment in full at the time of registration. See payment options below.

Students with delinquent accounts at the end of the fifth week of each semester will be placed on financial hold and will not be allowed access to the D2L courseware system until their balance is paid in full.

Delinquent accounts are also considered sufficient cause for cancelation of registration, as MGH Institute regulations prohibit official registration, granting of credit, release of transcripts, or release of enrollment verifications for any student whose account is unpaid. Participation in any Commencement Ceremonies and Degree Conferrals will also not be permitted. 

A past due account is cause for administrative withdrawal and must be paid in full prior to readmission to the Institute. Delinquent accounts may be subject to collection by an outside agency, with assessment of reasonable collection costs and credit bureau reporting.

Note:  Adjusted or additional tuition and fees may result from adjustments to fixed course schedules when a student, for any reason, is required to move off of the standard curriculum cycle.

Payment Options

  • Check
  • ACH transfer (done through Ionline account)
  • American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa
    The credit card payment option is available to Non-Degree Students only.
  • Wire transfers
  • Tuition Management Systems, Inc. (TMS) monthly payment plan
    This option is only available to Degree and Certificate of Advanced Study students
  • Federal and private loans and any scholarship. All financial aid will be applied to tuition and fees. If financial aid does not cover the full cost of tuition and fees, the student is responsible for paying the amount due by the payment deadline.

Payment for Add/Drop

Students who add a class must pay additional charges within 10 days. Students who drop a course will have any refund processed at the end of the add/drop period for the term.

Payments and Refunds

The Bursar's Office accepts payments of tuition and fees, and issues any refunds and financial aid checks. Payments can either be mailed to:

MGH Institute of Health Professions
PO Box 6357
Boston, MA 02114-6357

or dropped off at the Office of Student Affairs, 39 1st Avenue, Boston, MA 02129, ground floor.

Partners Employee Discount

Full-time employees of Partners HealthCare may take one 3-credit Institute course (one time only) at half-price tuition. Proof of full-time employment is required with the completed application in order to be eligible for the Partners discount. Verification of full-time employment includes a copy of a pay-stub indicating a 40-hr workweek or an employment verification letter from a Partners official. This letter must include the signature, title, department, and phone number of the Partners official and it must indicate that the applicant is considered a full-time employee of the Partners HealthCare. The Partners discount does not apply for audited courses, nor is it applied to applicable fees.


Year End Statements

Each January, the Institute sends students' 1098-T tax forms to the IRS and posts that information for each qualified student to the respective student Ionline account.

The 1098-T indicates the amount of tuition and fees billed during the tax year ending December 31st. This information will include activity posted to a student's account, during the particular tax year (January 1 - December 31), which may qualify a student for a tax credit. Tax related questions should be directed to the IRS or a tax professional. See FAQ for 1098-T.

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Bursar Contact

Bursar's Office Contact
Joyce DeSanctis, Bursar
(617) 726-8015

Gail D'Ovidio, Associate Bursar
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