Financial Wellness Resources & Useful Links

Financial wellness is an important part of overall wellness.  Studies show that financial stressors affect all aspects of life and have great impact over our general health and wellness.  Yet, we are lacking in any formal education regarding how to manage our financial lives.   To top it off, much of the anecdotal information we use to make our financial decisions tends to come from family and friends, who are also not skilled in making these decisions that can impact us for a lifetime. Below you will find some of our favorite free resources to help you gain the information needed to make well-informed and effective financial decisions.   Always feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about any of the information below. 

  • MyMoney.Gov: This federal resource from the Financial Literacy Education Commission offering money management and tips for financial wellness
  • Excellent resource for free student loan advice and dispute resolution.  Non-profit Institute of Student Loan Advisors.
  • Retrieve your federal loan information in one database. Department of Education central database of all federal loans borrowed from any Title IV school.