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Current Curriculum Plan - NU.MS.ELN.PSLFSP.NP

3 Practicum courses, 12 credits total, must be completed as listed in this curriculum plan.


- Human Growth and Development 0
- Microbiology 0
- Human Nutrition 0
- Human Anatomy 0
- Human Physiology 0
- Statistics (undergraduate) 0

Year I, Term I, Fall

NS-601 History of Nursing Ideas 3
NS-621 Pathophysiology 3
NS-660 Nsg Prac: Process and Skills 6
NS-665 Health Assessment 3
HP-818 IMPACT 1: Interprofessional Practice 1
Total credits: 16

Year I, Term II, Spring

NS-622 Pharmacology 3
NS-661 Nsg Pract:Com Prob/Adult Hlth 6
NS-663 Biobehav Principles/Theories 5
HP-819 IMPACT 2: Interprofessional Project 1
Total credits: 15

Year I, Summer

NP-715N Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NS-664 Community Principles&Theories 5
NS-680 Maternal-Child Nursing 3
NS-685 Clin Applic of Fam Ctr - Famil 3
Total credits: 14

Year II, Term I, Fall

NH-602 Hlth Care Policy & Politics 3
NP-739 Advanced Pharmacology 3
NP-762N Adv Assess/Diag Reas - Family 3
Total credits: 9

Year II, Term II, Spring

NH-720 Research for Clinical Practice 3
NP-733 Psychobio & Psychopharm Lfspn 3
NP-845 Psy Assess, Diag&tr Pl Lfspan 3
NP-885A Psych Mental Health Lifespan Practicum 2
HP-999 Interprof Sem - 2nd Year Spr 0
Total credits: 11

Year II, Summer

NP-740 Ind Psy Interv:Par-Child-Adol 3
NP-778 Fam&Grp Psychother Int: Lfspn 3
Total credits: 6

Year III, Term I, Fall

NP-855 Ind Psy Interv:Adult-Elder 3
NP-885B Psych Mental Health Lifespan Practicum 5
NS-891N Scholarly Project 1
Total credits: 9

Year III, Term II, Spring

HP-821 IMPACT 3: Interprofessional Ethics 1
NP-839 Professional Issues 2
NP-858 Adv Topics in Psych/Mh Nursing 3
NP-885C Psych Mental Health Lifespan Practicum 5
Total credits: 11
Total Credit Hours: 91
School Year: