PA Scholarship

Faculty members in the Department of Physician Assistant Studies regularly publish in leading academic and professional journals, present at conferences, and secure grants – all with the goal of improving techniques and care practices to help improve the lives of patients. Our faculty, a majority of whom are practicing clinicians in leading hospitals and health care centers, integrate their research into the classroom and clinical settings to provide students with the most up-to-date information that will help them become better physician assistants. The scholarship and awards listed below includes MGH Institute PA students and alumni as well as faculty members. *Note: Some presentations do not have supporting links.


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Rand, M. '18, Merson, J., Gace, D. & Forrester, M. (2018, May). A Respiratory Enigma: Lightning Never Strikes Twice, or Does It? A Dapsone Induced Methemoglobinemia and Legionella in an Immunocompromised Patient​. ePoster at the National Conference of the Society of General Internal Medicine, Denver, CO.

Weinstein, A., Reidy, P., Cohen, M. & Merson, J. (2018, April). Learning and Working Together: Developing Interprofessional Education and Training in a Primary Care Setting. Workshop conducted at the National Conference of the Society of General Internal Medicine, Denver, CO.

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