CSD Faculty Scholarship

Faculty members in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders regularly publish in leading academic and professional journals, present at conferences, and secure grants – all with the goal of improving techniques and care practices to help improve the lives of patients. Our faculty, a majority of whom are practicing clinicians in leading hospitals and health care centers, integrate their research into the classroom and clinical settings to provide students with the most up-to-date information that will help them become better speech-language pathologists.


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Early Language and Literacy Acquisition in Children with Hearing Loss
$1,937,460, from the National Institute of Health, Director of the SAiL Literacy Lab  Tiffany Hogan, PhD, CCC-SLPSub Principal Investigator,Annie B. Fox, PhD, Sub Co-Investigator. University of South Carolina as Prime.

Orthography and phonology in word learning as a predictor of dyslexia in children with language impairment
$3,564,730, from the National Institutes of Health. Tiffany Hogan, PhD, CCC-SLP, Co-Principle Investigator, 2018-2023

Orthographic and phonological processing in children with language impairments with and without dyslexia
$21,825, from The University of South Carolina (ASHF). Tiffany Hogan, PhD, CCC-SLP, Co-Investigator, 2018

Feedback-based learning in children with Language Impairment
$477,909 from the National Institute of Health, Co-Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Group Yael Arbel, PhD, CCC-SLP, Principal Investigator. 2018-2021

Assessing and Restoring Lip Motor Function Following Facial Transplantation
$640,000 from the National Institutes of Health (R21), Director of the Speech and Feeding Disorders Lab Jordan Green, PhD, CCC-SLP, Principal Investigator. 2018-2020

Prolonging Functional Speech in Persons with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Real-Time Virtual Vocal Tract
$949,688 from National Institutes of Health. Jordan R. Green, PhD, CCC-SLP, Principal Investigator. 2017-2022

A neurophysiological examination of developmental changes and individual differences in feedback processing in children
$564,500 from the National Science Foundation, Yael Arbel, PhD, CCC-SLP, Principal Investigator. 2017-2020

Anatomic and biomechanic biomarkers of lingual impairment in person with ALS.
$64,693, National Institutes of Health. Bridget Perry, MS, CCC-SLP, Principal Investigator. 2017-2019

Neurophysiological Examination of Feedback-Based Learning in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
$25,000, from the American Speech Language Hearing Foundation. Co-Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Group Lauryn Zipse, PhD, CCC-SLP, Principal Investigator 2017-2019

Neurocognitive Underpinnings of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia
$472,778 from the National Science Foundation, Director of the BEAM Lab Joanna Christodoulou, EdD, Co-Principal Investigator. MIT Prime 2016-2019

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