PT Faculty Overview

Our highly qualified and nationally recognized faculty are actively engaged in physical therapy and its associated professional activities and use their own real-world experience as teaching examples.

As a result, you are not only instructed in the field's most current and relevant practices, but you are also challenged by the innovative thinking that will define tomorrow's practices as well.

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Collaboration and Support

At the MGH Institute faculty treat students like professional colleagues, creating a collaborative and supportive environment, and forming an invaluable part of your network as a PT.

As a student you are assigned a faculty advisor with whom you can discuss your course of studies, your professional development plan, and just how you are doing.

"I knew I was in the right place during orientation week when we worked through our first case. I loved how they got us involved right away. It made being a physical therapist seem real even though I was just starting out. Even then I could tell how supportive the professors were going to be." - Jasmine Stephens, DPT '17

“I knew I was in the right place when Marianne Beninato asked to meet with me to talk about what I will do when I graduate. With all of the craziness and pressure of graduate school, it was refreshing to know that professors at the IHP take notice of all your hard work. They invest time into getting to know their students and I’ve never felt so supported.” - Ian Cahir, DPT '17

National Recognition

Our faculty includes many who have achieved national recognition – including current, adjunct and emeriti faculty.

  • Ten members of the PT faculty are Catherine Worthingham Fellows of the American Physical Therapy Association (FAPTA) – the association's highest membership category honor
  • Two have received the APTA Mary McMillan Lecture Award
  • Two have received the APTA Dorothy E. Baethke - Eleanor J. Carlin Award for Excellence in Academic Teaching
  • Two have received the APTA Lucy Blair Service Award
  • Two have received the APTA Jules M. Rothstein Golden Pen Award for Scientific Writing
  • Three have received the APTA Chattanooga Research Award
  • One has received the APTA Dorothy Briggs Memorial Scientific Inquiry Award
  • One has received the APTA Helen J. Hislop Award for Outstanding Contributions to Professional Literature
  • Two have received the APTA Jack Walker Award
  • Four have received the Pauline Cerasoli Lectureship Award

See which faculty have won these awards.

Writing the Book

A sample of books and chapters authored by our PT faculty

Image of book cover: Joint Structure and Function by Pamela Levangie

Pamela Levangie and C. C. Norkin, Joint Structure and Function: A Comprehensive Analysis, 5th edition (Revised Edition), Philadelphia, PA, F.A. Davis Co, 2011 [6th edition to be published 2018]





Kelly Macauley, "Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Physical Therapy" in National Physical Therapy Examination Review and Study Guide (Revised Edition), S. O'Sullivan and R. Siegelman (Eds.) Evanston, IL, TherapyEd, 2013


Image of book cover for Foundations of Clinical Research

Leslie G. Portney and Mary P. Watkins, Foundations of Clinical Research: Applications to Practice (3rd Ed.), Philadelphia, PA, F.A. Davis Company, 2009 


O'Sullivan SB, Portney LG, "Examination of Motor Function: Motor Control and Motor Learning," in O'Sullivan SB, Schmitz TJ (Eds): Physical Rehabilitation: Assessment and Treatment 6th Ed. Philadelphia, PA, F.A. Davis Company, 2013

See biosketches and CVs in the Faculty/Staff Directory for other publications by our faculty.

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