Health Professions Education: Scholarly Projects

Identify, Explore, and Address Your Area of Interest

As you begin the program, you will identify an area of interest for your scholarly project. Throughout your study, you'll explore the issue in depth, develop a curriculum plan to address it, and capture what you've learned in a publication-ready manuscript, in lieu of a master's thesis.


All of the scholarly projects completed by our Class of 2016 Health Professions Education scholars:
Solutions to Common Pitfalls Encountered During Implementation of a Unit-based Program
Komal Bajaj, MD, MS-HPEd '16
Upwards Feedback: Analysis of Feedback from Pediatric Subspecialty Fellows to their Attendings
Debra Boyer, MD, MS-HPEd '16
Characteristics of Medical Student Learning Goals Developed within a Competency-based Portfolio Process
Amy Fleming, MD, MS-HPEd '16
Generalizability Theory to Further Evaluate the Psychometric Properties of the Communication and Teamwork Skills (CATS): Instrument
Roxane Gardner, MD, MS-HPEd '16
Patient-oriented Outcomes Assessment of a Simulated Interprofessional Learning Exercise
Annette Grajny, MD, MS-HPEd '16
Use of a Pre-residency Obstetrics and Gynecology Boot Camp to Reinforce Core EPAs and Develop a Handover Report for Residency Directors
Kip Hinkle, MD, MS-HPEd candidate2016
Implementing Interprofessional Education into Medical Schools: A Review of Recent Curricula and Recommendations
Lisa Jane Jacobsen, MD, MPH, FACOG, MS-HPEd candidate, 2016
Control-Alternate-Delete: Rebooting the Clinical Learning Environment (CLE)
Jamie Lim, MSN, MS-HPEd '16
Do Communities of Practice Enhance Faculty Development?
Abigail Lum, BOT, MS-HPEd '16
Impact of Peer Coaching and Peer Observation of Teaching on Health Professions Education: A Systematic Review
Christine Mai, MD, MS-HPEd '16
“Difficult Conversations” Through an Ophthalmology Lens: A Pilot Study
Anu Mishra, MD, MS-HPEd '16
Interprofessional  Collaborative Care in Ophthalmology: A Review of Existing Guidelines and Models, from a Canadian Perspective
Krystyna Miszkiewicz, MD, MS-HPEd '16
The Role of Anesthesia Providers in Interprofessional Simulation:  A Literature Review
Andres Navedo-Rivera, MD, MS-HPEd '16
“What Are We Talking About?” –  A Literature Review of Decision Making at Geriatric Medicine and Internal Medicine Interprofessional Team Meetings
Ken Teng Tan, BS, MS-HPEd '16
Assessing a Bedside Tool for Neuroanatomical Localization with Extended-matching Questions
Kevin Tan, MD, MS-HPEd '16
Individual Gestalt is Insufficient for the Evaluation of Quality in Medical Education Blogs
Brent Thoma, MD, FRCPC, MA, MS-HPEd candidate, 2016
The Correlation between 20 questions and Clinical Skills Exam (CPX), Diagnostic Pattern Recognition (DPR) and Clinical Data Interpretation (CDI) in
Predicting Third Year Medical Students’ Performance
Sandhya Venugopal, MD, MS-HPEd '16
Self-regulated Learning in an Unregulated Environment: A Qualitative Analysis of First-year Residents’ Experiences on Overnight Call
Ali Walzak, MD, MS-HPEd '16
How Do We Stay Safe? An Interprofessional Qualitative Study of the Care of Acutely Agitated Patients in the Emergency Department
Ambrose Wong, MD, MS-HPEd '16

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