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"Using simulation to improve safety, quality and education in healthcare"

“The Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) believes that healthcare simulation is most effective when techniques are drawn from multiple disciplines and are tailored to the level and background of each group.

Our elite team of more than 25 professional faculty members has expertise in medicine, patient safety, biomedical engineering, organizational behavior and adult learning…The combined healthcare simulation experience of the CMS team is unsurpassed, allowing CMS to deliver competent, comprehensive healthcare simulation with techniques drawn from multiple disciplines and customized to the level and background of each group.”

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Streamlined Curriculum

Our program is offered in collaboration with the Center for Medical Simulation allowing you to use courses taken at CMS to fulfill requirements for the Simulation Concentration. We make it easy for those who have taken courses at CMS to use them to fulfill requirements of our Master’s in Health Professions Education.

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