Online Prerequisites: Health Care Examples

Understand real-world, health-related issues

The best way to learn is to apply information to understand and solve a problem that is meaningful to you. To help you master the knowledge required for graduate school and a career in the health professions, our online prerequisites challenge you with realistic problems related to health care.  Here are some actual examples from our courses:

Anatomy & Physiology

"Apply what you've learned from the chapter's reading to your discussion.  For example, if you chose a disease of the skin, what tissue types, layers, and/or cells are affected?  Provide as much detail as possible. (Also, remember to support any claims with citations.)"

Abnormal Psychology

"Imagine that you’re the members of the C-suite of a major company, concerned about the impact of employee absenteeism and skyrocketing cost of health benefits. From your reading you know that depression is a significant driver of these costs and your employees’ quality of life. You decide to learn more about depression in order to address this challenge."


"This week we examined instances of pathogens and how evolution results in resistance to chemotherapy (antibiotics in the case of bacteria and anti-retrovirals in the case of HIV). There is widespread concern about antibiotic resistance.  Identify a cause of antibiotic resistance and describe a potential and feasible strategy to combat it. Be sure to describe how you would implement this strategy and what would be needed from different parts of society (i.e. medical, political, social)."


"This week we’ll discuss the impact, use, and importance of alkanes and unsaturated carbohydrates, such as alkenes, alkynes and aromatic compounds in the context of health (e.g., aromatic compounds and cancer), clinical applications, industry/agriculture, military; food industry, etc."


"Discuss how the heart generates its electrical field and how it could be recorded for diagnostic purposes. Apply your understanding of electrical fields and potentials."

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