Online Prerequisites Student Profile: Jonathan Gerbode-Grant


Jonathan Gerbode-Grant with his dog Luca

As an engineering supervisor, Jonathan Gerbode-Grant is no stranger to hard work. So he embraced the amount of time and effort needed to do well in online science prerequisite classes at the MGH Institute.

“These courses are not for someone looking to just sail through without working hard to earn their grade,” he said. “I really loved that we were held accountable for assignments and the quality and integrity of our work.”

Gerbode-Grant, who has taken three online laboratory courses at the Institute, was impressed by the anatomy and physiology (A&P) interface developed by the late Professor John Rooney. Using photographs of cadavers, he and the other students were asked to locate and label different parts of the human body. Another module, he said, was more akin to a computer-lead/based simulator in which there were directions to follow and quizzes to take. In both cases, he was able to learn the material quite well.

“The faculty are some the best I have had,” he said. “They are passionate and driven people who want to inspire their students to embody those same beliefs.”

He pointed to Anthony Guarino, PhD, a professor in the Institute’s Center for Interprofessional Studies and Innovation, who taught research statistical analysis that was both in-depth and easily understandable. “I got so much joy out of talking to Professor Guarino,” said the Dover, NH resident. “He is quite knowledgeable, but extremely down to earth.”

Gerbode-Grant also cited the remarkable research on Alzheimer’s disease by Professor Oksana Berezovska, PhD, an associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and assistant in neuroscience at Massachusetts General Hospital. “That hit home because my wife’s grandmother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,” he said.

“The classes do not allow you to fall behind/lose focus,” he added. “For me, this is excellent because I work better and am able to learn more with the constant pressure of assignments and the healthy competition from other excellent students.”

Currently, he is completing his prerequisite courses and plans to be enrolled in a Master of Science in Nursing program in fall 2015. MGH Institute’s School of Nursing is one of the schools at the top of his list.