Syllabus Overview for HCHEM-453-DL General Chemistry I with Lab

4 credits

Note:  The lab for this course is included; no additional registration is required.

Course Materials

  • Visit our online bookstore for the most  up to date textbook and course material information
  • Online Resources
  • LAB KIT:  Your kit is delivered to your house. Many materials are the same as those used in onsite labs. You have 3-4 weeks to complete the labs. You have support from your instructor, lab TA and kit manufacturer. You write a report describing your findings and conclusions. You discuss your findings with peers and instructors.


•    Matter and Measurements
•    Atoms, Molecules and Ions
•    Stoichiometry
•    Reactions in Aqueous Solutions
•    Thermochemistry
•    Electronic Structure of Atoms
•    Periodic Properties of the Elements
•    Basics of Chemical Bonding
•    Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories
•    Gases
•    Solids and Modern Materials

General Course Activities/How To Plan Your Time

•    Work is organized into modules of 1-2 weeks in length.Course
•    All activities are fully asynchronous—there are no required meeting times. Our format allows flexibility so you can fit the following course learning activities into your schedule:
–    Quizzes
–    Exams
–    Weekly discussions
–    Lab experiments and reports
•    Most students dedicate 13-18 hours/week to the course.
•    We recommend planning several 1-2 hour study blocks throughout the week and checking into the course daily once the discussions begin.

Labs you will complete

•    Introduction and safety
•    Data measurement
•    The scientific method
•    Electron configuration
•    Acids and bases
•    Chemical reactions
•    Report submission
•    Molecular models
•    The mole and Avogadro’s number
•    Ideal gas law

Technology Requirements

This course uses the learning platform software called Desire2Learn (D2L.) D2L integrates text, video, and audio. Before enrolling in the course, please review the D2L system recommendations.

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