Clinical Placements for Preceptors

Clinical placements for Nurse Practitioner students are an integral part of the Master of Science in Nursing program at the MGH Institute, the only degree-granting institution within Partners HealthCare System.

Opportunities currently exist for you and your practice to partner with the MGH Institute School of Nursing through our primary care Nurse Practitioner clinical placement program.

Our graduate students, among the best in Boston, can seamlessly integrate with your staff to provide patient-centered, team-based care to help improve outcomes in your primary care practice. It’s something that the MGH Institute has been doing for more than 35 years.

Right now, we can provide you with Nurse Practitioner students who are in our  program. Please contact the School of Nursing Office of Clinical Education.

During their clinical experiences, students apply and reinforce the clinical and patient management skills that they have learned in the classroom. The breadth of clinical settings available to our students offers future NPs the ability to acquire skills and competencies in a variety of settings.

There are several advantages to becoming a preceptor for the MGH Institute School of Nursing:

  • Networking opportunities that could reduce the cost of recruitment and on-the-job training in recruiting new Nurse Practitioners
  • Improved patient care by supplementing your staff with students ready to deliver patient-centered, team-based care
  • Vouchers for free courses at the MGH Institute, issued to your agency that any employee may utilize. They can be redeemed for courses in our Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program, as well as other post-professional course offerings.
  • Credit towards Advanced Practice Nursing re-certification (if applicable)
  • Potential to apply for Adjunct Faculty status
  • Preceptor support and educational training

The time commitment involves working with a student for one day per week during the semester, although there are times when two preceptors can share one student.

Preceptors can include nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, physicians, and physician assistants

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