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For more than 35 years, the MGH Institute in Boston has been educating the best and brightest health care professionals in nursing, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology. The school recently added an Occupational Therapy program, and in 2015, we launched a Physician Assistant program.

Our programs are top ranked by US News & World Report, and our students are highly sought after when they graduate.

We also are establishing partnerships to precept one or more students in our developing Master of Physician Assistant Studies program. We are looking for a non-binding estimate of your capacity to precept Physician Assistant students, the first of whom will enter clerkships in 2016 as part of the inaugural class of PA students at the Institute.

Benefits of being a preceptor for the MGH Institute include

  • Adjunct faculty appointment
  • Access to Massachusetts General Hospital's online Treadwell Library 
  • Well-prepared students who have been immersed in patient-centered, team-based care
  • Reduced cost of recruitment and on-the-job training for your institution/practice
  • AAPA Category I CME credits for PAs
  • Vouchers for you and/or people with whom you work, for free online and on-site courses and programs at the MGH Institute
  • Preceptor support and professional development 

Since PA clerkships will begin in 2016, we are looking for an estimate – not a guarantee – of your capacity for precepting PA students. Your partnership is crucial in educating the next generation of physician assistants.  

Students in the Institute's MPAS program are required to have at least 1,000 hours of direct patient care experience, but the current cohort of first year students has an average of over 6,000 hours of healthcare experience. With our students prior experience and the program's emphasis on critical thinking and patient-centered, team-based care, you will be assured of having students who are motivated learners and can quickly become an asset for you and your staff.

PA clerkships will be needed in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Women’s Health (prenatal and gynecology only), Pediatrics, Psychiatry, General Surgery, and Emergency Medicine.

Requirements of PA student clerkships:

  • Seven core clerkships in the required disciplines (see above), each being five weeks in duration
  • Two elective clerkships, also five weeks each
  • Full-time experience (30-40 hrs/week minimum): Students can participate in all shifts, weekdays and weekends
  • Hands-on experiences with patients (not shadowing)
  • Supervision by a board-certified physician or PA; depending on the discipline, supervision can also can be provided by a PsyD, PharmD, social worker, or advanced practice nurse (NP)
  • Students can participate in training in pairs or triads with one supervisor

Please call or email at (617) 643-1085 or with any questions, or you can fill out our non-binding estimate of capacity form.

Your participation in preparing the next generation of physician assistants is greatly appreciated.


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Lisa K. Walker, PA-C, MPAS
Program Director
Master of Physician Assistant Studies

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