Residency Requirement

Doctor of Philosophy

The residence requirement for all students is two academic years in a full-time graduate credit program for each year, at the full tuition rate for each year, or the equivalent thereof in part-time study.

Full-Time Resident Students

A full-time student is one who devotes the entire time, during the course of the academic year, to a program of graduate work at the MGH Institute. Full-time students should consult with their advisers before taking on any outside commitments that might interfere with their academic progress.

In addition to regular coursework, a full-time program may include a combination of teaching, research experiences, and/or clinical work as well as preparation for qualifying, comprehensive and final examinations, and completion of the PhD dissertation..

Post-Resident PhD Students

A PhD graduate student who has completed the two-year residence requirement but still needs to complete degree requirements is a post-resident student and should register for Dissertation Continuation – RS-998 or the appropriate courses required for completion of program requirements. Students are not eligible to become continuation students until they have completed all the degree requirements except for the dissertation.

Continuation Students

A PhD student who has completed all degree requirements except the dissertation is eligible for continuation status. A student in this category enrolls on a full-time basis. They are not normally eligible for leaves of absence, except for health reasons.

Continuation students must enroll before the end of the registration period each semester in Dissertation Continuation – RS-998. For questions regarding these enrollments, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Doctoral Candidates – Time to Degree

The normal time allowed to earn a doctoral degree is five years. Students who require more time must apply to the Program for an extension by the final semester before their time to degree lapses. PhD Program Continuation-Extension Form.

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