2017-2018 Curriculum Plan - Post-Masters DNP Program

Prerequisites: All DNP students must submit evidence of a graduate level course in biostatistics completed within the last 10 years.  This is a required prerequisite for matriculation into the post Master’s DNP level courses.  This course may be available at MGHIHP (depending upon semester and demand).  The course that will fulfill this requirement is HP 850 Intermediate Biostatistics.

Those students who do not have a M.S. (Nursing major) or M.S.N. may be required to complete additional graduate level courses which may be available at the Institute (depending upon semester and demand).  Each student’s transcript will be evaluated to determine if this is required.  Students with degrees such as MHA, MBA, and sometimes MPH may require completion of one or both of the following courses:

  • NH-602 Health Care Policy and Politics
  • NH-720  Research for Clinical Practice

Fall I, Term I

DNP-866 Discovering the Theory and Science of Doctoral Nursing Practice 9
Total credits: 9

Spring I, Term II

DNP-867 Analyzing the Context of Health Systems Transformation 9
Total credits: 9

Summer I, Term III

DNP-966C Translating Evidence into Practice (advanced practice section) 9
Total credits: 9

Fall 2, Term IV

DNP-967 Disseminating Theory and Science into Advancing the Practice of Nursing 7
Total credits: 7
Total Credit Hours: 34


As part of this curriculum, the terminal project requirement for the Doctor of Nursing Practice may require extended work beyond the Fall 2, Term IV semester.  In these cases, students will receive an incomplete in DNP967, Disseminating Theory and Science into Advancing the Practice of Nursing and will be required to register for DNP-994 (Continuation) during the completion of terminal project requirements. Registration for continuation will  be charged for 1 credit of the current per credit tuition rate along with associated fees and will be required until the credit is completed for DNP-967 and the student is eligible for graduation.  

Please refer to the Institute's Terminal Project Continuation Policy as published in this catalog.


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