Cost of Attendance Example for ABSN

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is the maximum amount of funds that may be borrowed in a two-semester loan period.

The COA consists of the Tuition and Fees for the two-semester loan period plus a Living Expense Allowance to cover the eight (8) months encompassed by the two semesters.

Example of COA for a ABSN Student

For a ABSN student entering in Spring 2017 the total Cost of Attendance for the first two semesters would be calculated as follows:

  • Tuition: Spring 2017 $19,900 + Summer 2017 $19,900 = $39,800
  • Fees: Matriculation $600 + General Student fee summer $675 and fall $675 + Clinical Fee $800 = $2,750
  • Living Expense Allowance [see below for composition]: $27,870

Total Cost of Attendance Maximum allowed for Summer/Fall 2017:

$39, 800 Tuition
     2,750 Fees
   27,870 Living Expense Allowance (see below)
 $70,420 COA Maximum for Spring and Summer 2017

Living Expense Allowance

This Living Expense Allowance is derived from a budget calculated as shown below which is representative of student living expenses for eight months in the Boston area.

The COA is determined by MGH Institute in accordance with federal regulation.

The current Living Expense allowance (not including tuition and fees) for the eight-month, two-semester loan period is reflected below.

Living Expense Estimate for the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
(e.g. for Fall/Spring or for Summer/Fall)

Loan Fees


Room & Board Personal


Books & Supplies


Health Insurance




Tuition Insurance


Total two-semester living expense allowance


For more information on Cost of Living see Financial Aid.