How Non-Degree Courses Can Be Used at the Institute

Physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, nurses, and other health care professionals holding a bachelor's degree may enroll as non-degree students in selected graduate courses on a space-available basis.

Note: A bachelor's degree is not required for enrollment in Online Science Prerequisite courses.

Non-degree students applying to one of the MGH Institute's post-professional degree programs may request a waiver of GRE score submission if they have successfully completed two courses in the program to which they are applying to with a grade of B or better. For those who are applying to a:

Credits that can be applied to an MGH Institute Degree/Certificate program are as follows:

The number of non-degree course credits that may be applied toward an MGH Institute degree (MS and DPT) or certificate (CAS) is set by each program (see below). No credit will be granted for courses in which a grade of less than B was awarded. The maximum number of non-degree credits that can be applied to a degree/certificate program are (listed by individual programs):

Communication Sciences and Disorders



  • BSN - None. BSN courses are not offered to non-degree students.
  • MS and CAS - 6 credits
  • DNP - No credits may be transferred in the integrative DNP Curriculum.  Students without intermediate biostatistics, or certain master’s level courses that are pre-requisite for students without a MSN, may be transferred in to meet any pre-requisite requirements, can be taken as pass/fail, and credits will not be applied to any of the required DNP program credits.


Physical Therapy

  • Entry-Level DPT - None. DPT courses are not offered to non-degree students
  • Advanced MS -6 credits CAS -6 credits


Certificate of Advanced Study for Health Professions Educators

  • CAS - 6 credits if not enrolled in the 9 credit certificate of completion.
  • CAS - 9 credits if enrolled in the 9 credit certificate of completion.

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Non-Degree Student Contact Information

Laura Stengle
Assistant Registrar
for Non-Degree Programs,
New Student Liaison

Office of Enrollment Services
Building 34, Room 104
Phone: (617) 643-2126
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