Reading Specialist Licensure

Reading Specialist Licensure

Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible to receive a license as a reading specialist from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Search for the requirements for reading specialist licensure by completing the selection boxes as follows:

  • Category:  Academic Specialist Teacher
  • Field: Reading
  • Grade: All Levels
  • Type: Initial

The DESE also requires applicants for the reading license to have an initial license in another teaching field, such as elementary teacher, and to pass the reading specialist test. 

The Literacy and Language CAS program leads to licensure in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but the DESE has reciprocal arrangements with other states.

96% percent pass rate on MA state test

Graduates of the Institute’s Reading Specialist Licensure program boast a three-year average 96 percent pass rate on the Massachusetts Test for Reading Specialist Licensure. This pass rate is among the highest in the state.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities include becoming a

  • School-based literacy specialist providing direct services to students 
  • School-based literacy coach providing direct services to teachers
  • Administrator of a K-6 or K-12 literacy program
  • Private literacy consultant to schools
  • Private literacy tutor


International Dyslexia Association

International Reading Association

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