About the Wellness Council

The Wellness Council exists to promote and coordinate support for the physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being of IHP students. This mission is accomplished through open dialogue to coordinate existing resources and share best-practices while also exploring new opportunities to grow the Institute’s approaches to student wellness. Including students, faculty, staff, and alumni in this initiative ensures the Council benefits from a wide variety of perspectives, and the Council’s work respects and includes all stakeholders.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Foster a shared sense of community-wide responsibility for supporting student health and wellness
  2. Reduce stigma and misinformation about issues related to student wellness at the IHP and in society
  3. Optimize communication and cooperation of staff and faculty responding to students in crisis
  4. Promote resilience and non-competitive peer-to-peer support through new programming – including the importance of lifelong self-care and well-being strategies for health care providers
  5. Develop new, student-centered publicity efforts for existing resources (internal and external)
  6. Explore innovative supports for student wellness customized for graduate health science students

Joining the Council

Formed in the spring of 2021, the Council is made up of current students, alumni, faculty, and staff. If you are interested in joining the Council or supporting its work through various subcommittees and events, please contact Luella Benn.