Professional Development

The MGH Institute is committed to supporting faculty members as they navigate their professional roles on the path to academic advancement. To make the road to success as clear as possible, the Office of the Provost has  put together a map called GPS: Guiding Professional Success. We have identified three lanes that productive faculty members follow as well as an “onramp” to getting started on each one. There are also a range of resources that help faculty members maintain momentum as they move down the lanes.

For each of the lanes, the Institute provides an “Onramp,” helping a faculty member get started and keep on track. For Lane 1, an assigned mentor assists with the transition to the Institute and points new faculty members to relevant resources. For Lane 2, a range of faculty development offerings and for-credit courses familiarize faculty with theories of teaching and learning in health professions education. For Lane 3, faculty members will have access to an Onramp to support them in gaining experience with scholarly dissemination.

Lane 1: Navigating the IHP

  • Onramp for Lane 1: Navigating the IHPIn their first year at the Institute, faculty members are paired with a colleague who will facilitate their onboarding.

  • Mentors: Members of the faculty willing to mentor other Institute faculty members.

  • Career Advice EssaysEssays on topics such as collaboration, time management, and writing.

Lane 2: Teaching Effectively

  • Onramp for Lane 2: Teaching effectivelyFrom semester-long courses to short workshops, the Institute offers several options to become familiar with teaching graduate students in the health professions.

  • Faculty Development DaysWorkshops and seminars for faculty held each semester.

  • Peer Review of TeachingThis service matches together instructors across disciplines and expertise to observe and provide feedback on classroom instruction.

  • Teaching AwardsInformation about teaching awards to consider for yourself and for other colleagues.

  • Tuition RemissionThe Tuition Remission Program at the Institute for qualified faculty, staff, administration, and children of qualified employees.

Lane 3: Advancing Your Career

  • Onramp Lane 3: Develop an Area of Scholarly ImpactThe Institute subscribes to the Carnegie Foundation’s framework for scholarship, which includes discovery, application, and teaching and learning. Each year faculty leaders invite colleagues to join in the development and dissemination of a scholarly product.

  • FellowshipsInformation about fellowships available to faculty. 

  • Promotion ResourcesResources for MGH Institute faculty who will be applying for promotion.