Kay Bander Matching Gift Scholarship Program

When long-time MGH employee Kay Bander passed away early in 2017, she generously left a portion of her estate to MGH Institute of Health Professions. The Institute is honoring Kay’s legacy and investment in the school by launching the “Kay Bander Scholarship Campaign,” which will match gifts of at least $25,000 made to create, or add to an existing, endowed scholarship in 2018.

As an independent, interprofessional graduate school of health sciences, the MGH Institute prepares health professionals and scientists to advance care for a diverse society through leadership in education, clinical practice, research, and community engagement. While the Institute provides some financial assistance, our capacity does not meet the needs of our more than 1,500 students – many of whom already have significant debt from their undergraduate studies.

Donors may name the scholarship, which will be recognized as part of the Kay Bander Scholarship Program, in their own name, in honor of a beloved faculty member, or to pay tribute to a family member. Donors may also set the terms of the scholarship – directing support to a particular discipline, to first-generation students, under-represented students, students with financial need, or other priorities.

Scholarships can be funded by the donation of cash, securities, or appreciated assets, and payments can be spread over five years. Your endowed scholarship will provide much needed support to students in perpetuity.

Scholarships established through this initiative represent the Institute’s best opportunity to close the gap between our current resources and the needs of our talented and promising students.

Kay Bander: Committed to MGH and to Helping Others

Kay Bander was a remarkable woman who claimed a front-row seat to an important and fascinating era in MGH history. Kay served as assistant to the general director of the MGH from 1969 through 1981, first working closely with John Knowles, MD, who led the hospital from 1961 to 1972, and then with Charles Sanders, MD, who was general director from 1972 to 1981. Both Dr. Knowles and Dr. Sanders were instrumental in the founding of MGH Institute of Health Professions.

As part of her role, Kay served as secretary of the General Executive Committee and was a member of or attended most of the hospital’s other major committees. Her involvement in so many decision-making centers helped her to understand the strategy, culture, personalities, and DNA of the MGH, and she quickly became a much-sought source of information and advice. When Dr. Sanders left the MGH to take on a leadership role at Squibb Pharmaceuticals in New Jersey, it was no wonder that he recruited Kay to go with him.

After Kay retired from the pharmaceutical industry in 1999, she began volunteering at the MGH, and became one of the most reliable and dedicated volunteers at the hospital. She logged more than 8,000 hours, with roles ranging from working in the Blum Patient and Family Learning Center, to serving on the Patient and Family Advisory Council, to interviewing patients about their hospital experience through the Continuous Care Initiative. Active in the Ladies Visiting Committee, she served as treasurer before becoming co-chair in 2014. In 2016 she received the Pat Rowell Extraordinary Volunteer Achievement Award for her dedication, perseverance, and longevity of service.

We are pleased to honor Kay through these scholarships that will forever be associated with her legacy.

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Kay Bander

Kay Bander

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