Instructional Tools


Zoom is a web-based conferencing tool used to share information, collaborate and host meetings over the internet. Zoom is integrated with the Institutes learning management system, D2L, for easy access and setup. This tool can be used to host live class sessions, study groups or presentations.

To learn more about setting up and using Zoom, please submit a MGH Institute Helpdesk ticket with us.

Classroom Response Systems

The Institute uses the Poll Everywhere system to engage with students. With PollEverywhere, you can engage your class in activities, collect response data, and present that data to your class instantly. PollEverywhere activity types include Multiple Choice, Open-ended Response, Word Clouds, Clickable Images and more.

To get started with a PollEverywhere account, open a ticket with the MGH Institute Helpdesk with the Issue Summary “PollEverywhere Account” and Help Topic "General IT Issues".

Presentation Voice-Overs

Camtasia Studio is a software application that allows for “screen capture”, recording of PowerPoint presentations with accompanying voiceovers. Camtasia can be a useful tool for creating short video lectures or tutorials that can then be presented via D2L. Camtasia is available for faculty by reaching out to the IT office.

For more information about this topic, please submit a MGH Institute Helpdesk ticket.


NetAnatomy is designed to teach human anatomy to students of the health professions, including undergraduate medical and health sciences students. NetAnatomy also serves as a place to review anatomy after one’s initial exposure to the subject, e.g. students beginning a clinical rotation, USMLE (National Board) preparation, etc. Its use in the early years of various residency programs has also been established.

Access to NetAnatomy is available to anyone but only when on the MGH Institute's Network.

Lecture Capture and Recording

D2L Capture is a lecture capture and webcasting tool that enables instructors to record presentations – with audio, video and visual aids from the computer – and broadcast them to students via D2L.

To request a the lecture capture tool, please submit a MGH Institute Helpdesk ticket.

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Purchasing Windows 11

If you purchase a new Microsoft Windows laptop the operating system must be Windows 11  Pro or Windows 10 Pro. The Pro edition is used as part of the encryption requirement.