Donors to the Matina Souretis Horner Professorship

We express our deepest appreciation to the following donors for their generosity in making the Matina Souretis Horner Professorship a reality.

Dr. Linda C. Andrist and Dr. Russell W. Hereford

Julie Atwood Drake

Janis P. Bellack

Stephanie Bell-Rose

John Biggs

BlackRock, Inc.

Paul A. Bleicher

Boathouse Group, Inc.

Dr. Troyen A. Brennan and Ms. Wendy E. Warring

Charles Bunting

Lucy A. Burr

Ann W. and Herbert C. Caldwell

Dr. Christine K. Cassel

Century Bank

Colette Chilton

John Connors

Jack Connors

Richard Davis

Roman DeSanctis

Dr. Marianne Ditomassi, NS '11

Dr. Alice F. Emerson

Atlas D. and Margaret L. Evans

Eversource Foundation

Alice Finn

Lucy Fisher

Judith A. Fong, SON '68

Jeff L. Gould

Drs. John and Olga Guttag

Dr. Bette Ann Harris, PT '83, '02

Dr. Robert E. Hillman and Mrs. Sheila McElwee

Matina Horner Family

Jeanette Ives Erickson, RN, DNP

Gerondelis Foundation

F. Gardner Jackson

Dr. and Mrs. Alex F. Johnson

John A. Kaneb

Joe and Polly Knowles

Renee Landers

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Lawrence

Carl Martignetti

Martin L. Leibowitz

Massachusetts General Hospital

Cathy E. Minehan and E. Gerald Corrigan

Dr. Steven M. Mirin and Dr. Margaret S. McKenna

Oswald Mondejar and John Verlinden

Alan and Cecily O. Morse

Dr. Patrice Kenneally Nicholas, NS '94 and Mr. Thomas J. Nicholas

Dr. Marc A. Nivet and Mrs. Jacqueline Nivet

Hannah Potter

Partners HealthCare System, Inc.

Prologis Foundation

David Rattner

Patricia F. Ribakoff

Ropes & Gray LLP

Mr. and Mrs. G. Neal Ryland

Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Sanders

Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Schiff

Diana and Ron Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Skates

Diane N. Smith, SON '66

Nancy J. Tarbell

Dr. Carol M. Taylor and Mr. John H. Deknatel

Dr. and Mrs. George E. Thibault

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel O. Thier

Dr. and Mrs. David F. Torchiana

Dr. Katharine K. Treadway

James Triant

David and Lisa Walker

Dr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Warshaw

Clifton Wharton

Dr. Mary P. Watkins, PT '02 and Dr. John B. Watkins

Dr. Debra F. Weinstein and Dr. Anthony Rosenzweig

Dr. Winfred Williams and Ms. Lynise Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wolf

Ellen and Peter Zane

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Zervas