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Doctor of Nursing Practice for Registered Nurses


This Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP for RNs) program is designed for licensed, registered nurses who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). This program prepares you for leadership roles in the increasingly complex management of health care delivery.

RNs with other bachelor's degrees, associate degrees in nursing, or nursing diplomas, as well as nurse educators who are not advanced practice nurses, are welcome to apply to this program as well. Your curriculum may include additional coursework.

The flexible, rigorous program:

  • Prepares RNs to take national certification exams for advanced practice nurses in your chosen field of specialization, see below

  • Allows full or part-time study, a mix of online and classroom instruction, and course schedules designed to accommodate busy professionals

  • Includes an intensive, semester-long clinical residency in your chosen specialty, culminating in an applied-practice capstone project

Advanced practice electives offer you concentrations in:

  • Advanced clinical practice

  • Education

  • Global health

  • Informatics

  • Nursing administration

The RN to DNP program can be completed in eight semesters/four years, depending on your previous educational preparation and the specialty you choose.

Advanced Practice Nurse Specialties Offered in the RN to DNP Program

At application you will also select which advanced practice nurse specialty you want. Specialty options for the RN to DNP program are:

Nurse Practitioners:

Review specialty options for description of specialties and core competencies developed within all courses of study for the RN to DNP.

See the program's application process for prerequisites and other admission requirements.

Curricular Goals of the RN to DNP program

Upon completion of the RN to DNP program, you will be prepared to take the advanced practice certification exam for your chosen specialty.

This course of study will hone your critical thinking, diagnostic reasoning, assessment and decision-making skills, preparing you to become a competent, highly skilled, reflective nurse leader in an advanced practice specialty. 

The program builds on your competencies, developing your focus for nursing leadership to encompass complex systems of care for an increasingly diverse patient population. Read more in Licensing and Careers for RN to DNP.

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School of Nursing Policy Manual 2014-2015

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