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Master of Science in Nursing (Direct-Entry)


This direct-entry program is designed for individuals who have a college degree but no nursing experience. Upon completion of the Master of Science in Nursing degree program, you will be in a position to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner. The program:

  • Includes a three-year, innovative curriculum leading to RN licensure and advanced practice nurse (APN) board certification in your chosen specialty
  • Is an intensive program beginning each year in September
  • Starts full-time for the first three semesters of generalist nursing coursework; then you can complete your advanced practice study on either a full- or part-time basis

You will complete your degree in six semesters going full-time for the entire program; and in eight semesters going part-time for your advanced practice courses.

At the successful completion of this program you will be granted both a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science, Nursing.

This course of study will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to begin a career in health care as a nurse practitioner. 

Master of Science in Nursing Specialty Options

At the time you apply, you will select you advanced practice specialty. Below are the options you have in this program.

Nurse Practitioner Program Tracks

Read more on the roles of a Nurse Practitioner for the Master of Science in Nursing (Direct-Entry) program at the MGH Institute School of Nursing.



First-year student Ricardo Sedan gives his perspectives on the advantages of the Direct-Entry Master of Science Nursing program.

Why a Direct-Entry Master of Science  in Nursing

After three semesters you take the NCLEX-RN exam, and become a registered nurse (RN). Then you can be working in your new field as you complete your course of study. Upon completing the program, you will be prepared to take the advanced practice certification exam for your chosen specialty – poised to take an independent, leadership role in a variety of health care settings.

The other direct-entry option for those who have no background in nursing is the 14-month Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), which prepares you to take the NCLEX-RN licensure exam to become a registered nurse (RN). As an RN you can work in a variety of generalist nursing roles.

See the Master of Science in Nursing (Direct Entry) application process and requirements page for prerequisites, deadlines and other admission requirements.

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