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Complimentary Academic Extras Series

The Prerequisites for the Health Professions program offers a series of no-cost, no-credit, one-week Academic Extras modules. These online courses are open to any student currently enrolled in any of the Prerequisites for the Health Professions courses.

The summer 2014 courses in this series are "Preparing Financially for Graduate School," taught by Kathy Anderson, MGH Institute Director of Financial Aid, and " ," taught by Peter S. Cahn, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. These courses will run May 12–16.

To register for these and all other Complimentary Academic Extras, please login to your D2L home page and look for the widget titled “Academic Extras Self Register”.

See schedule of courses for the upcoming year.

Preparing Financially for Graduate School

May 12–16, 2014

This mini course has been designed to address some of the challenging questions around paying for your graduate study. You will learn how to determine the cost of your intended program, how to identify funding resources, and how to assure that you will be able to get the funding that you need.

Each of the five modules will provide relevant resource materials, an opportunity to interact with the instructor, and a list of sources for further information. Full participation will require approximately one hour of work each day for five days.

Topics include:

  • Researching costs
  • Seeking grants and scholarships from the department and outside sources
  • Budgeting and credit
  • Putting the pieces together

Peter Cahn's Course

Academic Extras Series

We think of these courses as our “Lagniappe Series”.  A lagniappe [lan yáp] is an unexpected bonus or extra small gift given to customers at the time of purchase – such as a 13th bagel, or a sample of related products. This is our bonus to you for taking prerequisite courses at the MGH Institute.

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