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Strategic Map 2014–2018

This Strategic Map serves as a roadmap to guide the Institute’s goals, plans, efforts, and allocation of resources over the four-year period. See map below

The central challenge (top of diagram) is to “Advance the Institute's distinctive impact on improving health and health care.”

The five vertical pillars reflect the key strategic priorities and their respective objectives to address and fulfill the central challenge.

The three cross-cutting horizontal strategic priorities below the pillars are foundational and as such, must be embedded in all other strategic priorities and objectives. In other words, any and all plans to implement the priorities and objectives in the five pillars must ensure attention to each of the three cross-cutting priorities.

The four-year strategic plan reflects the collective work of and broad-based input from the Institute’s community of trustees, senior leaders, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and key external partners, and provides a shared framework to guide us in fulfilling our mission of improving health and health care through leadership in education, clinical practice, research, and community engagement.

Download a PDF of the Strategic Map with the Institute's Mission, Vision, and Core Values statements.

Image of the 2014-2017 Strategic Map


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