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November 17, 2010

The MGH Institute will be well represented November 18-20 at the 2010 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) annual meeting.

More than 30 speech-language pathology students in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders will be in Philadelphia for the event.

"It's wonderful that they are attending," said CSD Chair Gregory L. Lof, PhD, CCC-SLP. "I expect they will get a much better understanding of the profession, which will make them better speech-language pathologists when they graduate from the Institute."

Several faculty will be presenting seminars or displaying posters during the organization's largest event. They are:

  • Denise Ambriosi, MS, CCC-SLP:"The Implementation of FEES in Acute Rehab" (Seminar);"The Implementation of FEES in Acute Rehab" (Seminar; co-presenter)
  • Robert Hillman, PhD, CCC-SLP: "Spectral Cepstral Estimates of Dysphonia Severity from the CAPE-V" (Seminar); "Occupational Voice Disorders: Current Concepts, Research,  Clinical Management" (Seminar)
  • Pamela Hook, PhD, CCC-SLP and Leslie Maxwell, MS, CCC-SLP: "Early Language/Literacy: Identification & Intervention in SLI/LLD vs. Dyslexia"
  • Alex Johnson, PhD, CCC-SLP and Gregory Lof, PhD, CCC-SLP: "The Professional Doctorate in SLP: Who? What? When? Why? How?" (Seminar)
  • Maxwell, MS, CCC-SLP: "The Knowledge Deficit: Core Issues in K-3 Curricula" (Poster)
  • Marjorie Nicholas, PhD, CCC-SLP and Eileen Hunsaker, MS, CCC-SLP:"Aphasia-Friendly Assessments for Other Disciplines: Modified Berg Balance Scale" (Seminar)
  • Nicholas and Lauryn Zipse, PhD, CCC-SLP: "Phonological Neighborhood Density Effects on Treatment of Naming in Aphasia" (Poster
  • Howard Shane, PhD, CCC-SLP and Charles Jeans, MS, CCC-SLP: "Teaching Language Concepts to Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders" (Poster); "Effects of a Visual Immersion Experience on Communication in Autism" (Seminar)
  • Richard Santeusanio, EdD: "Health Literacy: The Quiet Crisis. How SLPs Can Help" (Seminar; co-presenter)
  • Zipse:"A Pilot Study of Rhythmic Processing in Aphasia" (Poster)

There also will be an alumni reception on Friday, November 19, from 8 - 10 p.m. at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Hotel.


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