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June 17, 2010

School of Nursing Assistant Professor Dr. Janice Goodman.School of Nursing Associate Professor Janice Goodman, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, has been awarded a research grant of $289,000 by the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH) to further her investigations into postpartum depression

The two-year award, which began this month, was from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. It will allow Dr. Goodman to delve deeper into the child development outcomes of postpartum depression.

As principal investigator, Dr. Goodman will collaborate with co-investigator Dr. Ed Tronick from Children’s Hospital in Boston.

This latest grant comes on the heels of her being named in 2009 as a Robert Wood Johnson Faculty Scholar, in which the organization awarded her $350,000 to research postpartum depression and infant/mother relationships over three years.

Dr. Goodman's interest in postpartum depression began when she was conducting home visits with new mothers working as a lactation consultant.

“Lactation and the mechanics of nursing were only the tip of the iceberg for many new mothers,” she said.  “In my home visits, I found mothers struggling to adjust to many sides of motherhood, and postpartum depression was one aspect of this work that was obviously impacting mothers and their infants. I decided to do my doctoral thesis on postpartum depression.”

Dr. Goodman, who teaches courses in psychotherapy and psychopharmacology in the psychiatric nurse practitioner specialty track, says she expects the two grants will help provide new ways of looking at postpartum depression. This will include the impact the condition has on both infants and mothers.


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